About Tony Guthrie

Tony was born in Nashville and spent the first 26 years of life in Tennessee (mostly Memphis). After graduating high school and dropping out of Memphis State University (now University of Memphis) he went to work for his father’s construction company where he handled all aspects of the painting side of the business. Sensing a call to professional church/educational ministry Tony left the construction industry and entered theological seminary where he earned a B. A., 2 Master’s degrees, and a Ph. D.  Here is where he developed his passions for writing, presentation, and public speaking.

After serving as a pastor throughout the 1990s Tony became a professor and director of the doctoral studies division/department of Luther Rice University. In this capacity he aids/assists professional clergymen and lay business people in career planning and in developing career strategies (whether church related or secular business). After the economy took it’s downturn in 2008 he became keenly interested in how difficult it was becoming for people to secure employment, particularly those over 50. He conducted intense research, interviewed career transition specialists, recruiters, and the like in order to learn all he could in order to assist struggling mid-lifers secure meaningful employment.

A mutual friend from a church association, Steve Throckmorton, was also interested in the subject and has been successful in business and corporate employment for many years. Tony and Steve agreed to work together on this blog (with Steve being the primary content contributor) because they both desire to see good people (who happen to be over 50) learn to present themselves as viable candidates in an increasingly challenging job market.

Both men will produce audio/video training, e-books, and also be available for private consultations and speaking to professional or private groups.

Return often to this blog for updates and offers under the “Resources” tab.


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