About Steve Throckmorton

Steve Throckmorton was born and raised in a small farming community in central Ohio near a town called Circleville. He developed two early interests, one in science and the other in writing. After completion of high school he enrolled in the Ohio State University College of Engineering, choosing a major in Computer Science. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree he worked as a computer software developer for the first 15 years of his career. Later he went on to earn a MBA from Wright State University and gradually moved into the business development, sales side of Information Technology where he has made his career since. Steve is married to Patricia (Maxwell) Throckmorton, the sister of John Maxwell, speaker and author of over 50 books on leadership. Steve has two daughters, a son, five grandsons and one granddaughter.

This blog represents Steve’s debut as an author. Although he has written extensively in the form of internal corporate documents, proposals, RFP responses and internal manuals he has never taken the step to pursue his life-long desire to become a professional, public author until now. Steve’s primary qualification for writing a blog on this topic comes from his own search for employment several years ago when the company he worked for closed its doors. He soon discovered that traditional job seeker methods of blind resume submission and cold calling was ineffective. This revelation led him to do a lot of research which included extensive reading on the topic and seeking the advice of friends who had once found themselves in a similar situation. The outcome of that research is represented in the pages of this blog.



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